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Today: Jan 21, 2018

Management & Support Services

The department is headed by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer and comprises of the following sub-sectors namely:-

  1. Administration.
  2. Human Resource Management.
  3. Information.
  4. Records Management.
  5. Procurement & Disposal unit

Mandate of the Department

To coordinate & ensure effective and efficient delivery of services through strengthening Local Government Administration, sound Financial Management and Accountability, capacity Building/ Institutional Development and provision of public information.


Improving people’s welfare and attitudes of life through the promotion of participation in government programmes and self motivated activities.

Strategic objectives

To head the public service in the District for the implementation of policies & programmes of the central government & district council & ensure proper use & accountability for council resources

To develop strategies & procedures for regulating & monitoring the implementation of development projects in the District according to government acts/ policies and district objectives.

To manage & guide the District on matters of human resource planning, management & development

To ensure that the public accesses government information freely and improve the public relationship within and outside the district local government

To manage District records from their creation up to the final disposal.

To ensure that the LG achieves value for money in all its undertakings

 Achievements made in the FY 2016/17

-Paid salaries to both political and technical staff by the 28th day of each month.

Appointed staff (district Engineer, health staff, entomologist, agricultural Engineer, parish chiefs etc)

- Mentored staff in the LLGs of Kayunga S/C, Kangulumira, kayunga S/C, Kayunga TC,Nazigo, Busaana Kayonza, Kitimbwa, Bbaale & Galiraya .

-Made submissions to DSC on different cases i.e confirmation, recruitment, study leave and disciplinary cases.

- Commemorated National days i.e , womens day in Nazigo  sub county  , sanitation week  &  world water day in Kayonza subcounty.

- Coordinated and organised the national baraza which was funded by the office of the Prime Minister in Busaana SC

¨Coordinated service delivery and programme implementation for all government and donor funded activities / projects and submitted reports / accountabilities to the relevant authorities.

Monitored program/ activities implemented in the LLGs under different programs e.g DDEG,PMG PHC-Development & SFG

Made Contributions to autonomous institutions like Uganda Local Government Authority (ULGA) .

Up dated the  pay roll for Traditional, elected & Conditional staff and got rid of abscondees, ghost staff,and the deceased

Organized capacity building trainings for political & technical staff

Sponsored  staff for short term & long term trainings under the capcity building grant

Held revenue enhancement meeting

Facilitated the dissemination of news about the District

Advertised for the existing tenders & jobs in the district

Organised radio talkshows (Agafa Ekayunga) on radio Simba ,Kampala & SAuti F

Produced mandatory notices about the District approved investment projects & IPFs for 2016/17 & posted them in public places, click on mandatory notices under publications to view

 District domain name renewed and Kayunga website hosted with support from Foundation for Human Rights Initiative

Updated the District profile 2017 and posted it on the website ' click on newsletters undwer publications to view

Planned activities for the FY 2017/18

Operationalise 3 town boards i.e Kangulumira, Busaana & Nazigo

Coordinate all public funded programmes and activities.

Phased implementation of the staff structure

 Recruit staff to fill vacant posts

Confirm, discipline and grant study / maternity leave to staff

Monitor and supervise all government funded investment projects and service delivery sectors to ensure that they are delivering services effectively to the community.

Hold weekly top management meetings.

Mentor staff at both the district headquarters and in sub counties.

Commemorate national days

Sponsor staff for long & short term trainings

Carry out a board of survey.

Skills enhancement through capacity building trainings

Salary administration through filling pay change reports, updating the payroll, printing pay slips & timely submission of the updated payroll to trigger timely salary administration.

Organise radio the district sponsored radio takshows under the Agafa Ekayunga radio program on radio Simba Kampala and Sout FM in Kayunga

Make advertisements on existing tenders & jobs in the District

Update and produce publications (newsletters, pocket booklets, mandatory notices e.t.c) containing district information on various programse .

Computerize records entry, management, storage & retrieval.

Contracts managemenrt