The Department is headed by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

This sector, specific for plans, actions and concerned with framing policies and setting objectives has fulfilled a major undertaking in primary teacher enrollment which is now 99%. The overall staffing level stands at 96%.

Achievements made

Management of the payroll has been streamlined to ensure sustainable service delivery. District employees are now paid correctly, on time and in compliance with government regulations. Ghost employees have been eliminated and pension income as a retirement plan for former employees is now appropriately implemented.

Completion of the main district administration block has been done and now 80% of the departments have offices under one roof.

In the same vain, construction of the Southern wing has been completed.

The district has also been able to create awareness internally, nationally and internationally about its programs and activities through the various media platforms and this has not only enabled it to popularize its services but also created a good image about the District, thereby attracting more investors and or development partners.

The district recognizes that Information and Communication Technology can contribute to universal access to service delivery, unified communications and integration of sector plans. The emergence of the intersectoral platform under ICT means that the community can now access, store, transmit, share and analyze user information to a point of holding their leaders accountable. The district has now procured ICT equipment and also recruited ICT personnel.