The Department is headed by the District Health Officer, Dr.Matovu Ahmed The District council is totally committed to the improvement of health service delivery in the district. It plans to achieve this by focusing on intervention in priority areas aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality. Emphasis is laid on the delivery of a minimum healthcare package consisting of the following elements: i. Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Community Health Initiatives, including epidemic and disaster preparedness and response. ii. Maternal and Child Health and care across the continuum;


The Department is headed by the Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Lukande Paul Rogers

This sector has undergone some reforms since the transformation of the Performance Budgeting System and IFMIS system. The new system interlinks planning, budgeting, expenditure management and control, accounting auditing and reporting. The automation has improved systems for financial data recording, tracking and information management.


The Department is headed by the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer

This sector, specific for plans, actions and concerned with framing policies and setting objectives has fulfilled a major undertaking in primary teacher enrollment which is now 99%. The overall staffing level stands at 96%.

Achievements made