Council session.

Kayunga District approved a 54 billion budget for FY 2024/2025.

The Budget theme is " 

Full monetisation of Uganda's economy through Commercial Agriculture, Industrialization, Expanding and broadening service

Digital transformation and market access"

The Secretary Finance Planning and Administration said no changes were made in the budget envelope, the figures remained constant.

The proposed kayunga District vanilla quality control ordinance was differed to next council. 

Council resolved that Busaana SS and Musitwa CU should be considered when supplying desks.

Council resolved to Consider Sokoso P/S with a class room block .

 Mr. Juuko Sam was approved as a board member for Galiraaya seed SS.


Mr.kavule Yusuf kibirrige was approved as a board member for Nnalinya Irene Ngagire SSS.

The 14 seater vehicle "HIACE" UAT 703U was donated to Ndeeba SSS to ease transport of students and staff.

The Chairperson LCV said retention money for Namagabi will be used to pay retention for the administration block since it was left out in the budget and Namagabi will be considered next FY.

Rdc urged youths to embrace the central region campaign where 20 youths per village are provided with coffee seedlings so as to boost coffee planting to enhance youth

development and improve on there Standard of living.