District leadership Commissioning a facility block at Kikoka HC11.

Residents in kayonza were overwhelmed with joy when the District leadership commissioned an out patient department at Kakika HC II. 


In attendance was the RDC, Diso, Chairperson LCV, LC III Technical staff , Health workers, councilors and community members.


The Chairperson said the facility is going to be fully equipped with a maternity ward such that residents begin enjoying services.


He informed the residents beginning next financial year, the drugs will be delivered quarterly. 


He further encouraged them to test for HIV so as to leave healthy.


The Chairperson LCV instructed the engineer to complete the remaining work such that residents begin using the facility.


He said issues of the facility land tittle are being worked upon so the process is under control.


The RDC called upon community to support the NRM manifesto and encouraged youths to embrace the YLP program to enrich themselves.


He requested them to renew their national IDs before they expire. 


Encouraged residents to send their Sons and daughters to join police recruitment.