Entry meeting of a team from St Francis health care service with the technical staff of Kayunga

A team from St. Francis health care service held an entry meeting with the technical staff of Kayunga district at the district headquarters.

St. Francis is a registered community NGO which is implementing the adolescent girls and young women project.

The main goal of this project is to create economic opportunities among adolescent girls and young women and their household (AGYWs)

This is a pilot project which will last for 12 months but renewable basing on its performance and impact on the AGYWs.

This organization provides affordable an inclusive health care, economic empowerment, food security, child protection and youth empowerment services.

Project activities include

1.       Provision of marketable vocational training.

2.       Creation of village savings and loans association.

3.       Provision of financial literacy training to all the AGYWs.

4.       Support community skill trainings.

5.       Conduct routine monitoring of the performance of the AGYWs.

The purpose of the meeting was to sign an MOU with Kayunga district and to work with the respective district teams to support in identifying vulnerable communities with most AGYWs.

Kangulumira and nazigo sub counties were sampled to kick start the project.