Handing over Nsotoka Hc lll, Buyobe HC ll and nNtenjeru HC lll after completion.

Honorable Minister and District leadership receiving a certificate of completion from the UPDF Engineering brigade

The community in kayunga subcounty were over whelmed with joy when the UPDF Engineering Brigade and GIRA construction limited handed over 3 Health facilities to kayunga District leadership that had been completed and ready for commissioning.

The facilities included Nsotoka HCIII, Ntenjeru HCIII and Buyobe HCII

In attendance were Minister for finance and economic planning Hon Amos lugolobi, CAO, chairperson LCV, Area Councillors, VHTs, Chairpersons, deputy DISO among others.

The Chairperson LC III thanked Hon minister for his lobbying skills and the District leadership for their cooperation towards the success of Nsotoka HCIII.

Col. Eng Tukamwakira thanked His Excellency the President for his Directive to the MOH and MOE&S of awarding contracts to the UPDF Engineering Brigade.

He requested Hon lugolobi for new equipments, medicines and personnel to the facility.

He also requested CAO to budget for the facility maintenance fund to enable proper management of the facility.

The CAO called for collective responsibility towards maintainance of the facility and thanked Hon lugolobi for the tireless support towards the success of the project.

The Chairperson LCV thanked Hon Amos for transforming his constituency and the Engineering brigade for completion of the project.

Hon lugolobi thanked everybody for the support.
He bought land for Mataba seed school at a cost of 104 millions.
The school is now operating.

The Minister Promised to lobby more funds for kayunga District.
He thanked kanjuki P/S for its performance in PLE and also promised support to Mataba seed school.

He thanked his excellence the president for his initiative of establishing the UPDF engineering Brigade.
He requested Col to recruit more engineers Such that they are awarded more contracts.