Launching road maintaince works in Busaana and Nazigo subcounties

The District leadership led by the RDC hajji Dumba Moses held sensitsation meetings on Road maintenance works in Nazigo and Busaana Sub counties.

The purpose of the meeting was to guide on the project details, planned activities on the road and request for cooperation and supervision among the residents in accordance to the scope of work.

The roads include Bisaka Wampologoma (11.2km) and
Nazigo - Gombolola - Bukamba (11.2km).

The project will cost 106,400,000 each.

The Scope of work will include bush clearing, road widening, improvement of Swamp sections, grading, compacting, installation of new culvert lines, spot graving and drainage works.

The RDC thanked the NRM government led by H. E the President for these projects most especially free Education and PDM.

He urged parents to take children back to school and give them maximum support.

He warned those that take children to Gardens and hawk food staffs during school hours.