The production department headed by Dr. Mugabi held a stakeholders meeting of second quarter of FY 2023/2024 at the district headquarters.

 In attendance were deputy RDC, DISO, vice chairperson LCV, CAO, SACAOS and town clerks, PDM Sacco, chairpersons, field extension staff, CDOs, parish chiefs, heads of production sectors, among others.

The objective of the meeting were:

1.       Review of performance for the PDM SACCO operation and share experience.

2.       Share highlights on the sector progress and output.

3.       To update stakeholders on new and upcoming model guidelines on the implements of PDM pillars.

4.       Agree on joint planned activities for forth coming PRF cycle for FY 2023/2024

The district commercial officer gave key highlights on the PDM guidelines including extortion and bribery as abominable.

And all saccos will hold general annual meetings where external auditors will audit you, produce documentary evidence and be held responsible.

The grace period is 2 years before repayment begins.

 Parish chiefs and CDOs gave presentation about the progress of PDM in their respective subcounty, how much was received per sectors e.g. youth, women, elderly, disability etc. dispersed, enterprise invested in, number of beneficiaries per subcounty etc.

 However, they also outlined challenges including loss of phones and contacts by beneficiaries, diversion of funds by some beneficiaries, allegations and misinformation by some clients, poor records keeping, lack of tools used in program implementation like smart phones, lack of facilitation of PDM saccos executive.

And consented that the program has improved people’s standards of living.

 The principal agricultural officer highlighted the key achievements for the production department for FY 2022/2023 which included procurement of a lacto scan milk analysis equipment, 2 sets of animal plant clinic equipment, disease management and control through vaccination, 1 micro scale irrigation demonstration at musitwa seed school in nazigo subcounty, model farmers supported under OWC, completing 263 firms visit, 70 farmers received u gift micro scale irrigation equipment etc.

 Doctor mugabi asked colleagues and members of the team to be sympathetic to the people they serve by being truthful, committed to serve and learn, build team work and learn to be tolerant to others.

The CAO said government has put more emphasis on PDM so as to enrich the poor.

He thanked the pdc for their service towards the success of the program.

He said PDM is not a thank you from the president but rather to make the poor rich and a revolving fund.

He urged the PDM committee to supervise the beneficiaries not to divert the enterprise they applied for.

 He said there is no mistake in PDM because you pay after confirming the names and whoever sent funds to wrong accounts should refund it.

The deputy RDC cautioned parish chiefs to stop sleeping on their jobs and playing blame games by sabotaging government programs most especially PDM since they are the determinants in their areas and considering only one pillar of financial inclusion out of the 7 pillars.

She said PDM is one of the areas that are to be considered during their performance appraisal and will be answerable for not transforming poor active rich.

She cautioned Sacco chairpersons to stop taking decisions on behalf of group members but always consult each other.

She said no salary is enough but just be innovative.

 The vice chairperson thanked president Museveni his wise idea of bringing the team for their initiative and promised to supervise PDC committees to make the program successful.