UGANET entry-level meeting at the District Headquarters.

The Uganda Network on Law, Ethics, and HIV/AIDS (UGANET) held an entry meeting at the District headquarters.

UGANET is an NGO that was established in 1995 to join organizations and individuals interested in advocating and strengthening ethical response to health and HIV in Uganda. 

Through TASO, UGANET is implementing the global fund grant in Uganda for a period 2024 - 2026 targeting HIV and TB reduction plans. 

It's over all objective is increase access to HIV, malaria,TB and reduce Gender Based Violence through increased legal and social protection. 

The organization will work closely with the community and Health department mainly targeting high burdened Subcounties and Town Councils. 

Activities to be implemented in the district include: 

1. To support community foot soldiers in collaboration with Health facilities. 

2. Conduct mobile legal camps for PLHIV and other priority populations. 

3. Convene annual National dialogue on HIV, TB and malaria. 

4. Conduct stakeholders meeting to identify interests, roles and power dynamics. 

Tools to be used are :

1. Performance framework. 

2. Workplans. 

3. Budgets . 

4. Reporting tools. 

The District leadership registered its commitment to work with them and requested for transperancy, hard work and annual reports.