Vanilla ordinance meeting in Kayunga district

The Production and Marketing Department held a multi stakeholders meeting on development of a vanilla ordinance for Kayunga District.

The Catholic Relief Services is implementing a Vines Vanilla Market system strengthening project which seeks to transform Uganda's vanilla market to a leading Global supplier of high quality Vanilla.

The purpose of the meeting was to interact with vanilla farmers, get their views, approve them in council and pass a bill protecting vanilla farmers.

The objectives were:

  •  To promote the increase in the production of vanilla. 
  • To streamline and improve the marketing of vanilla.
  • To improve the quality of vanilla produced in the District.
  • To regulate the growing, harvesting, buying, selling, processing and curing of vanilla.
  • The ordinance outlines specific guidelines of harvesting vanilla beans at maturity of 9months from pollination.

Resolution made by farmers:

Thefty of Vanilla is 1 million shillings as fines or 2 years imprisonment and destruction of the beans. 

Contamination of vanilla, the punishment will be 500,000.or a fine and imprisonment not exceeding 2years.

Those found selling vanilla without a license will be fined 2m and one year imprisonment.