The Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) is a revolving government program geared towards empowering the youth to harness their socioeconomic potential, increase selfemployment opportunities and income levels. About 151 youth groups have been supported with a sum of UGX 1,501,056,850 and have established both livelihood and skills development income generating projects.

The government has made some revision for the implementation of YLP and UWEP programs , whereby the minimum number of beneficiaries has been reduced from 10 to 5 members; catchment area for the group is village or parish ; management of enterprise where applicable can be decentralized into individual or mini groups, group accounts will have 3 signatories of chairperson, secretary and treasurer of the group, funds for approved projects will be disbursed directly from the Ministry to the individual group bank account.
Just like any other district in Uganda, Kayunga is experiencing a challenge of the unwillingness of the beneficiaries to make repayments especially groups of 2014-15 to 2015-16 and also diversion of funds, some youth chairperson disappearing with funds and cannot be traced, political leaders especially youth leaders who received funds have hesitated from making repayments and also parents using their children to receive YLP funds.