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About Us

Political Leadership

Members of Parliament

Kayunga District has 4 members of Parliament

Name                                                     Constituency

Hon Nantaba Aidah Elios                         Woman Member of Parliament

Hon Lugolobi Amos                                Ntenjeru North Constituency

Hon Baseke Fred                                    Ntenjeru South Constituency

Hon Kumama George Nsamba               Bbaale Constituency

District Political Leadership

The  District Chairperson is the political head of the District. Mr.  Serwanga William Tom is the District chairperson of Kayunga District council which is composed of 27 members. The District Executive Committee is composed of  5 members as follows;

Post                                                                                                    Name                                         

1 District Chairperson / Sec Technical Services                                     Hon Serwanga William Tom        

2. District Vice chairperson / Sec Production                                         Hon Musisi  Charles   

3. Secretary for Health                                                                          Hon Kizito Samwiri                     

4. Secretary for Finance, Planning & Administration                             Hon Kalema Edward

5. Secretary for Education                                                                    Hon Nakwedde Harriet 

 District Council Members

Subcounty being represented                                             Name                            

1. Kangulumira SC  Male Councilor                               Hon Kalema Edward Muzawula

2. Kangulumira Female Councilor                                 Hon Nantongo

3. Nazigo Male Councilor                                             Hon Matovu

4. Nazigo Female Councilor                                         Hon Nakibuka Mayi

5. Busaana Male Councilor                                           Hon Bulinson Salleh

6.Busaana Female Councilor                                       Hon Mutonyi Susan

7.Kayunga SC Male Councilor                                     Hon  Musangalata Edmond Wamala

8.Kayunga SC Male Councilor                                     Hon Nakwedde Harriet

9.Kayunga TC Male Councilor                                    Hon . Ntambi Said

10.Kayunga Female Councilor                                    Hon. Nakwedde Harriet

11. Kitimbwa Male Councilor                                     Hon Kizito Samwiri

12. Kitimbwa Female Councilor                                 Hon Nakiboneka

13.Kayonza Male Councilor                                       Hon  Nduga Jamil
14. Kayonza Female Councilor                                  Hon Babirye Rehemah 

15.Bbaale  Male Councilor                                         Hon Musisi Charles
16.Bbaale Female Councilor                                      Hon Kasolo Jescah 

17.Bbaale Male Councilor                                         Hon Semyalo Fred
18.Bbaale Female Councilor                                     Hon Kasolo Jescah

19.PWD Male Councilor                                            Hon Ntege Kizito Gumikiriza

20 PWD  Female Councilor                                       Hon Nabuso Florence

21.Youth Male Councilor                                         Hon Sentongo 
22.Youth  Female Councilor                                     Hon Nabukwasi Halima

23.Elderly Male Councilor                                       Hon Nsubuga Kawombe 
24.Elderly  Female Councilor                                  Hon Kaitesi Stephania

25. Workers  Male Councilor                                 Hon  
26.Workers  Female Councilor                               Hon Namata Immaculate


District Woman Chairperson                             Ms Faridah Kibowa

District Youth Chairperson                               Mr. Kayemba Ivan

District Chairperson PWD



Kayunga District has 9 elected sub county chairpersons.

1. Kangulumira Sub county        Hon Bbaate Fred

2. Nazigo Sub County                Mr. Magomo Shaban Kayemba

3. Busaana Sub County              Mr. Mubyaliwo David

4. Kayunga Sub county              Mr Muganga Christopher

5. Kitimbwa Sub county             Mr. Chidiri Isaac  Kanzari

6. Kayonza Sub county              Mr. Mpiima Moses

7. Bbaale Sub county                 Mr. Kitasimbwa Godfrey

8. Galiraya Sub County              Hajji .Musana Jamada

9. Kayunga Town Council         Mr. Nyanzi Majidu


However, the District has 4 more councils that have been approved 

1. Kangulumira Town Council

2. Nazigo Town Council

3. Busaan Town Council

4. Kitimbwa Town Council