Destruction of illegal fishing gears by FPU in Kawongo.

The National Commander of the Fisheries Protection Unit (FPU) held a community meeting in kawongo.

The purpose of the meeting was to gather people's views about the law.

He later proceeded to the FPU site in kawongo to witness the implementation of the court order of destruction of illegal fishing gears.

The estimated value of the destroyed gears was 423 million shillings.

The destroyed illegal fishing gears included:

1. 130 pieces of Seine nets.

2. 160 pieces of Cast nets.

3. 5000 pieces of Monofilament nets.

Vanilla ordinance meeting in Kayunga district

The Production and Marketing Department held a multi stakeholders meeting on development of a vanilla ordinance for Kayunga District.

The Catholic Relief Services is implementing a Vines Vanilla Market system strengthening project which seeks to transform Uganda's vanilla market to a leading Global supplier of high quality Vanilla.

The purpose of the meeting was to interact with vanilla farmers, get their views, approve them in council and pass a bill protecting vanilla farmers.

The objectives were: