Star fish team during the inception meeting at the district headquarters.

A team from star fish foundation held an inception meeting with stake holders and technical team at the district headquarters.

Star fish is an NGO that has been running a clinic and rehabilitation center in Namusaala, Busaana subcounty.

Basing on its mission of developing and empowering children, youths and women holistically, it has been extending services to children with disability in Namusaala, busaana subcounty.

Its source of fund is donations from UK churches and individual donations.

Their services include

1.       Child youth sponsorship programs

2.       Star fish clinic and rehabilitation center for mainly children with disability.

3.       Hope in main ministries for widows and orphans.

4.       Spiritual growth (bible exhibition)

5.       Empowerment programs by skilling children and youths with skills to be independent and self-reliant.

They have challenges which include limitations in budget funding, high demand in the disability sector, impassable roads during rainy seasons and some clients are found in far reach areas.

The deputy CAO called for cooperation and teamwork especially in health, education and community department to this team such that they are able to achieve their objectives.